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Unethical danes, childlabour, MIG and murderers in al-qaida.

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Ok, childlabour is disgusting no doubt about it but the so called “ethical” countries such as Sweden do in fact have childlabour. Not 10 year old children but between 12-17. A person, according to swedish law, is a child/minor until that person turns 18 years old. I know many who started to work when they were children. It was actually very common to start working fulltime as 15 year old 30-40 years ago. On the same note, if danish banks are “unethical” because they invest in armament… that maybe gives countries like Israel a better chance to defend themself i’m all for it. People, especially journalists, need to get their heads out of their asses and smell the air. No one likes Hamas, if you aren’t a retard that is or a leftwing extremist. Nazis i assume do love Hamas but their are just as morons as AFA etc but much smaller in numbers so i don’t even count them in.

Al-Qaida. Lovely thing. Don’t you just love fanatical morons who murder innocent people because a country didn’t want to set free another fantacital moron that’s in a UK prison? Why don’t we, the real countries in the world, adapt the same tactics? Let’s start murder random people to get our will through. No one would miss sandboxes as Iraq if it was nuked. Would be a great parking lot as well.

Lastly. Dan Eliasson. You are the retard of the month. Grats. It’s only the 3rd of June and you already got the reward. This video is the first thing i had in mind reading this article.


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June 3, 2009 at 11:08

Taxpayers money thrown around.

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Luckily enough there won’t be (maybe) a statefinanced imam education. State and religion has been seperated for many years in Sweden and to use taxpayers money to finance ANY religion is repulsive.

I have always wondered why people whine and bitch that they might get higher taxes if the socialdemocrats gets the power in Sweden. At the same time those who whine seem to be ignorant about thr fact that they already “give” away a huge amount of their money to the state so that for example foreign students can study at universities here in Sweden without paying ANYTHING at all in tuision fees, immigrants who are illiterate get welfare for decades etc etc etc. I could go on and on what the taxpayers do infact “finance” here in Sweden.

Latest number i saw was that each Swedish person pays 2500 SEK each year because we are in the EU. That is ~200 SEK each month that you can’t call anything but a tax. ~25 billion SEK each year. The entire Swedish law enforcement costs 20 billion each year. So yeah, keep whining about a taxraise if the socialdemocrats gets the power. “You” are already paying so much tax that even if they do raise the tax “you” don’t have the right to whine.

Socialism is just so lovely, isn’t it?

DN SvD1 SvD2 SvD3 SvD4

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June 1, 2009 at 12:39

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Viva la socialism and why not communism!?

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Well, Jong-Il Kim has done it again. Everyone’s so surprised and baffled about this detonation of a second nuclear bomb. The most hilarious thing about this is that UN is assembling for a “crisis meeting” now because of this. Why? I mean… UN can’t agree nor do anything even if their lives depended on it. In this case it really could be about their lives. Monkeys could do a better job than UN.


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May 25, 2009 at 09:41

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Shocking news! Talibans murder people!?

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Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock and at the same time deaf and blind must have noticed that talibans aren’t fans of human rights amongst other things that “we” take for granted in the west. Of course the politically correct newspapers just have to get a quote from someone that haven’t seen nor heard anything of the bad things the talibans have done. How…”cute“. The refuge situation is entirely the talibans fault. Not the Pakistan governments. Anyone who is 2 years or old realize that. Even if 1 million talibans died in this war i would not have any kind of trouble sleeping as just one pig in a pigfarm is worth more than them all together.

Sadly some people do get a “misfire” in conflict areas and kill their own friends.


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May 11, 2009 at 18:52

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Illegal aliens above law in Sweden and India is going pro patriotism?

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They are illegally in Sweden and they are entitled to care in Swedish hospitals.. paid by you, the taxpayers. Well that is what “Centerpartiet” wants. Already today in the county “Skåne” do illegal aliens get basic dentalcare. It is illegal to not call the police if you see a crime being committed. To care for some illegal aliens teeth and not call the police is a crime. To do like Centerpartiet and promote people to help illegal aliens is retarded.

I personally hope that BJP does well in the India election. It is time for people to start loving their own country (all around the world) again and not give in to different demands from outsiders. Muslims are infact outsiders in India. There is absolutely nothing wrong with patriotism. It’s something good for you as a person AND the country. When you don’t have patriotism “in your veins” then crap what we have in Sweden emerges. Minorities are dictating the conditions for the majority all the while the majority sits quiet.


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May 8, 2009 at 11:32

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Treehuggers marry gays and communists whine as usual.

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Business as usual. Treehugger (Miljöpartiet) Maria Wetterstrand marries two guys with each other. I have nothing against gays. I do however have a problem with them getting the chance to marry in churches (i’m an atheist btw). Can two gay muslims marry in a mosque now btw? I’m as said for gaymarriage but they should not be allowed to marry in a church, mosque or any other religious place. State and church in Sweden has been seperated for sometime now. But at the same time i think that not one krona from the taxpayers  should go to any religion nor restoration of churches/mosques. I’m VERY much against “educations” that promote religion. Like “educations” for priests, imams (soon near your neighbourhood). No one should be allowed to go to homes with crap just like Jehova’s witness does. It should be a criminal act. Religion is something private that should stay inside your own four walls at home. But paradoxically i would be the first person on the frontline with a sledgehammer if the parliament decided to destroy all the churches, mosque, synagoges, temples etc etc etc in Sweden 🙂

In other news, communists are rallying as usual. Wanja Lundy-Wedin says some stupid crap about greedy CEO’s and such. What a dumbass. Amoeba Mona Sahlin didn’t let people to see her, which is a good thing actually. Lars Ohly, the communist buddy of Kalle Larsson, says that Socialdemocrats suck because of pensiondeals. Unions are demanding that Mona Sahlin and Wanja Lundby-Weedin resigns. I hope she doesn’t so that socialism finally dies in Sweden. Swedendemocrats are over the percentage required to enter parliament in Sweden. They get 4.4% of the votes in the latest rating. The percentage to get seats in the parliament is 4%.


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May 1, 2009 at 15:09

As i said… BURN BABY BURN!

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Allah akbar and Jihad! Death to the jews! Death to the infidels! hmmmmm….. did i forget something else? Anyway in Malmö, our favorite fireplace, there are arsons everyday. DN, SvD, Aftonbladet, Expressen and so on do not write anything about these fires. Only newspaper that frequently write is called Sydsvenskan. Now the fire department is fed up of this and won’t put out the fires if they are no threat to infrastruture/people. You could of course why this is so but i would bet a few bucks it’s because they are basicly afraid. And this is how you, as a criminal, get more power in the society. And i would bet even more bucks on that this fire was started by immigrants. And the amoeba called Mona Sahlin is probably scratching her head about the ratings that drop even further. Maybe it’s because the people really see what this is and don’t listen to the same mantra as before.

Japan is doing what Sweden should have done long time ago.

So once again, lets sing in a chore: Burn baby burn, burn baby burn.

Syd1 Syd2 SvD

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April 24, 2009 at 14:22