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Treehuggers marry gays and communists whine as usual.

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Business as usual. Treehugger (Miljöpartiet) Maria Wetterstrand marries two guys with each other. I have nothing against gays. I do however have a problem with them getting the chance to marry in churches (i’m an atheist btw). Can two gay muslims marry in a mosque now btw? I’m as said for gaymarriage but they should not be allowed to marry in a church, mosque or any other religious place. State and church in Sweden has been seperated for sometime now. But at the same time i think that not one krona from the taxpayers  should go to any religion nor restoration of churches/mosques. I’m VERY much against “educations” that promote religion. Like “educations” for priests, imams (soon near your neighbourhood). No one should be allowed to go to homes with crap just like Jehova’s witness does. It should be a criminal act. Religion is something private that should stay inside your own four walls at home. But paradoxically i would be the first person on the frontline with a sledgehammer if the parliament decided to destroy all the churches, mosque, synagoges, temples etc etc etc in Sweden 🙂

In other news, communists are rallying as usual. Wanja Lundy-Wedin says some stupid crap about greedy CEO’s and such. What a dumbass. Amoeba Mona Sahlin didn’t let people to see her, which is a good thing actually. Lars Ohly, the communist buddy of Kalle Larsson, says that Socialdemocrats suck because of pensiondeals. Unions are demanding that Mona Sahlin and Wanja Lundby-Weedin resigns. I hope she doesn’t so that socialism finally dies in Sweden. Swedendemocrats are over the percentage required to enter parliament in Sweden. They get 4.4% of the votes in the latest rating. The percentage to get seats in the parliament is 4%.



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May 1, 2009 at 15:09

Childrapists convicted.

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I wonder how much more the swedish population is going to accept of this wonderful thing called “multiculturism“. Sad thing is that a few newspapers here in Sweden use words like “young” when they write about the rapists, just like it’s so sorry of them because they have to go to jail. Don’t you just looooove socialism? You can order your own copy of the verdict by sending a mail to and asking for them to send a pdf-file of the case “B3879-09“.

Anyhow, here is the list of the rapists. If you do seem them on the street make sure eveyone knows that they are rapists.

* Ibrahim Ramaz Philip, born 1985. Iraqi citizen. Address Södertälje.
* Markus Milad Naji, born 1989. Swedish citizen. Address Södertälje.
* Pols Mihka Simon, born 1986. Iraqi citizen. Address Södertälje.
* Asfar Sanar Soheil Salim, born 1990. Swedish citizen. Address Södertälje.
* Shabo Savio Najeb, born 1988. Unknown citizen. Address unknown.
* Rahim Soulaka Mark, born 1986. Iraqi citizen. Address Södertälje.


A related news. 8 year old girl gets to divorce a 50 year old Saudiarabian man. There are some really really sick people in the world. Estonian girl forced into prostitution. 6 months in jail for the criminals, any beats that it’s going to higher? No? Thought so.

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April 30, 2009 at 14:13

Sweden rape capital of EU.

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No one asks the important question. And that is: “who are the rapists?“. The answer is that immigrants are in fact over-representated in Swedish crime statistics regardless crime and in rapes they are around 5 times as likely to rape than an ethnic swede. Another important question to ask if we want communist crap like Kalle Larsson to get paid tax-payers money and at the same time promote rape.


Some numbers to show crime committed by immigrations compared to ethnic swedes.


DN1 DN2 SvD1 SvD2 SydSvenskan

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April 27, 2009 at 19:50

As i said… BURN BABY BURN!

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Allah akbar and Jihad! Death to the jews! Death to the infidels! hmmmmm….. did i forget something else? Anyway in Malmö, our favorite fireplace, there are arsons everyday. DN, SvD, Aftonbladet, Expressen and so on do not write anything about these fires. Only newspaper that frequently write is called Sydsvenskan. Now the fire department is fed up of this and won’t put out the fires if they are no threat to infrastruture/people. You could of course why this is so but i would bet a few bucks it’s because they are basicly afraid. And this is how you, as a criminal, get more power in the society. And i would bet even more bucks on that this fire was started by immigrants. And the amoeba called Mona Sahlin is probably scratching her head about the ratings that drop even further. Maybe it’s because the people really see what this is and don’t listen to the same mantra as before.

Japan is doing what Sweden should have done long time ago.

So once again, lets sing in a chore: Burn baby burn, burn baby burn.

Syd1 Syd2 SvD

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April 24, 2009 at 14:22

Obama, pirates, terrorists, borders and welfare.

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Koreans point finger at each other and agree that they disagree on everything. They must have fun! At the same time a pirate (yyarrrrhhh) is going to be put on trial in the states and the only thing DN and SvD can whine and cry about is the ridiculous thing called “age”. Who cares if he is 16, 18 or 81. He is a criminal. Put him on trial and get rid of his sorry ass. SvD gets the price for “dumbest article today“. What would have they done? Not pay the bill and get even more crap than they get right now? Regarding the eternal Middle Eastern conflict… since when does USA negotiate with terrorists (Hamas)? Obama is most likely smoking something illegal, maybe imported directly from Nässjö, Sweden.

In other words, all is well in our tiny, puny, almost nonexisting flycrap for planet in the universe.


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April 22, 2009 at 12:05

Will our freedom be secured today?

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That’s the question the EU-parliament has to answer. This isn’t just about companies losing money because of filesharing, it’s a much greater thing. The EU want to start saving all kind of things about “you“. Want to search your MP3-player for illegally downloaded MP3’s. How would they prove that by the way? They would need to get a warrant to my home and search the entire home to see if i own that particular song/CD.

It’s also about the fact that many people are going to blogs etc voicing their opinions. As well as read news that countries, like Sweden, don’t (want to) write about in the MSM. I say that internet is a human right to have. It is something that has and will forever change how information is shared. Already there are talks about for how long the paper media is going to be around for. I guess that within 15 years there won’t be many, if any, media that issues paper based newspapers/magazines.

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April 21, 2009 at 15:51

Swedish democracy in 15 seconds.

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If you get 5% of a municipalities people (18 years old) to sign a petition you can have a referendum (for just that municipality) on whatever you were gathering signs for. It seems though as if even if you get those 5% “you” won’t get a referendum inside the municipality as the elected people (who you voted for) basicly say that you aren’t smart enough. Now, how nice wouldn’t it be if people actually remembered what these so called “representatives of the people” actually said about them the next time they are voting. How small or big the “issue at hand” is isn’t important. What is important is that they (the politicians) seem to have the memory of a goldfish regarding who they are representing.


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April 21, 2009 at 08:24

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